Ups and DOwns

“You Change Your Valley Into A Peak When You Find And Use The Good That Is Hidden In The Bad Time.”
Spencer Johnson, Peaks and Valleys

When I read the book, the above lines didn’t make complete sense to me initially; but upon reading the lines again in the right context, I understood.

Of course, it feels nice when things are working in our favor. But, our real strength is tested in bad times. When we realize this, challenges become more and more exciting.

When I think about Ups and Downs, I promise myself to remember following,

UPS = Understand that Persistence is the only way to Success, and

DOWNS = DO find new ways to rise again, Worrying is Not a Solution.

Happy Weekend 🙂


Been there, seen that…

We often tend to preach what’s right and condemn what’s wrong, as per our thinking and get upset if the other person doesn’t get convinced. Sounds familiar? If we try a new way to do so and still find it ineffective, that’s only because our underlying beliefs (or prejudices!) remain firm.

Take an example of a get together with friends & family. We all may have affinity for different ideologies. We discuss (sometimes even debate) upon various social and political issues; not because we want to prove our point of view as correct. Rather we argue to achieve a consensus while valuing each other’s opinions. Doesn’t really matter who wins.

We must talk to each other – a caveat – intention should be to express, not to impress!

Let’s try to develop our small world the way we like, within a vast world around, while we allow to exist rest of the world as others choose it to be. That saves us a lot of time & energy. Also it’s easier to change ourselves; we know very well how much control do we have on others, don’t we?

Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.

When she’s not feeling well

I couldn’t post anything for past 3 – 4 days against Writing 101 assignments. I don’t feel as bad though; as I could read some very nice renderings by fellow bloggers.

While so, I was busy doing a role play. If someone were to judge my performance, I would’ve scored 3 on the scale of 10. Maybe 2, but it takes lot of courage to accept that…

So, it was about being the homemaker that my dear wife acts as usually. Not that, I don’t help her in the chores in general, I do, but it’s a support. Getting into the driver seat isn’t easy. I did cook a bit, gave drop n pick up to my daughter for school, and for various classes, managed some shopping of home supplies, etc.

Mrs. Dandgavhal has fallen sick for so long after quite some time. We had to consult the physician twice before confirming proper diagnosis and the further line of treatment. Now, she is recovering. Even though the pain that she has gone through has been severe, she did not become irritated like I do, when I’m ill.

I was also astonished by the understanding shown by our daughter during this time. At her tender age of 6 years, she didn’t complain about delays and quality of food. Rather she gave compliments for the quirky dishes that I served. She prepared for her ongoing school tests with much more dedication. She also encourages her mom to think that she is going to recover very soon.

Kudos to these two lovely girls in my life! Even the toughest of challenges appear to be easiest of all…


Mind your Mind!

“We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.”

― Swami Vivekananda

It amazes me how every single sentence, uttered by the great people in the history of mankind, is worth a fortune. Then I realize that it’s not about the words, but about the thoughts – expressed through the medium of words, words swaying in harmony with cosmic powers.

“Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality.”

― Robin S. Sharma

As an old adage goes, “As you sow so shall you reap.” Thoughts are like seeds that we sow in our minds. Then we nourish them with our strong emotions, like anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise.

I bumped into a very good post by SKM about how to mind our minds, while I was doing (google based) research (!) for my post – I found it useful & clear to follow.

Your views, please 🙂

Give me some space – NEVER!

Day 6
The space to write

What are your writing habits?
– I am not a spontaneous writer. Generally I need a prompt and like to work against a deadline. Completion of a writing assignment gives me a sense of satisfaction. I tend to write more emotionally than rationally.
Another instance I write is when I read a good book on life principles. These awesome authors are equally great thinkers. Their thoughts are significant in our day to to day life.
I write as it flows from my heart and do hardly revise. If I try to edit, the post lives as a draft forever…

What equipment or supplies do you use to write?
My smartphone (has almost everything that I need – a document & photo editor, a dictionary, an eBook reader, internet for a little Wiki & Google, a decent camera, media player for a break, and most importantly – the WP App.)

What do you need and want in a physical space?
Honestly, I don’t want a space (as in solitude). I prefer to have my family around while I write. The ideal setting is sitting by the breakfast table in kitchen, after having evening tea once I return from office.
My daughter completes her homework and I work on the assignment given for the day. A break due to so called writer’s block is filled by a chat with my wife, who is preparing dinner to nourish us & satisfy our taste buds. Both of them do their jobs so well that I get inspired also, to express with a little more responsibility. The ideas that dear wify contributes are wonderful. So, it’s an open secret now 🙂