Future – unknown territory

Peaks Are Moments When You Appreciate What You Have. Valleys Are Moments When You Long For What Is Missing.

– Dr. Spencer Johnson.

At this very moment, I am experiencing Joy of having added value to my writing skills and having found a few wonderful friends. At the same time, I am little sad that the writing 101 assignments are over.

The feeling is similar to that of a kid who has to join a new school as his parents are shifting to a new city. He will be going away from best friends. The friends who understand him; who know whether he is happy or sad even if he doesn’t utter a word.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that the kid stands a chance to win new friends at new school. He may learn new art forms, games, and stories from them. He has to only believe that the Sun rises brighter at the new horizon.

The kid has got hundred reasons to grieve about. But it’s equally true that he has hundred reasons to smile, too.

The writing 101 course this year has been thoroughly enriching and very encouraging one! Thanks to WP team and fellow bloggers again.
Wish you all  the best of luck for the future endeavors.

“Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time.
– Leo Buscaglia.

Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.


Sunday Vignettes

Year 1989: Each Saturday evening, I returned from school, eager to have lots of fun. No school, no classes for one day. Extra-curricular activity was an alien subject then.

So, Sunday mornings would start with watching cartoons, relishing on favorite breakfast, made by Mom especially for Sunday, and playing with friends; afternoons were about taking a power nap listening to classic songs on radio; purpose would be to get refreshed for going out in the evening to play again.

After playing there would be late evening chat sessions, involving horror or adventure stories, etc. In those days, teachers would not bother to give homework to complete over the weekend. Sunday would end with storytelling by Grandma, after a delicious dinner. I used to doze off before Grandma would’ve finished the story.

Year 2004: Each Saturday evening, I returned home, threw myself into couch, eager to relax my mind from workplace stress. I wouldn’t want to eat dinner too. As I had stayed away from hometown, Mom wouldn’t be around to insist that I have some food. I just wished my senses numbed for next 36 hours…

Sunday mornings would mostly be Sunday afternoons, when I would wake up. That too, when Mom would call to check that I hadn’t skipped Sunday lunch at least. I would watch some movie on laptop after lunch. Then I would sleep again. Evenings would involve shopping of some supplies for the coming week. It would be required to sleep early to make sure that I got up early for reaching to work in time on Monday.

Year 2007: Each Saturday evening, I returned from work exhausted, but with a smile, as I would have chalked out plans to enjoy Sunday, with my sweetheart wife. She would be tired too, from doing household chores over the week; but she would ascertain that I got refreshed, once I was home.

One Saturday, a beautiful vase adorned with fresh roses would welcome in the living room. Another Saturday, there would be aroma of nicely brewed coffee and a cake, waiting for me ever so lovingly. It was a time that was challenging from career aspect; but my dear wife made it one of the most coveted phases of my life as well.

Sunday mornings would be full of tasty brunches, outings, get together with friends and families, occasional movie at multiplex, and shopping at malls. Sunday would end with a promise of bright Monday mornings and readiness to take on new challenges.

Year 2009: Each Saturday evening, I return to the nest, where lives a complete family since. A six months old wonder would recognize the exact time when Papa would be back home without even a slightest clue about what a clock is. I would always find her by the door when I returned.

I couldn’t make out though, if it is my baby or her affectionate mother who look forward to my return each evening, more passionately. I don’t want to. I know that they love me and I love them. Maybe less, maybe more…

Now, Sundays are once again about cartoons, playing games, cheerful chaos, music, gardens, fairy tales, and funfairs…

Kids are smart, aren’t they?

…a short tale

Once upon a time, there was a proud father, who would always teach his 6 years old daughter about noble behavior and etiquettes.

One fine day, he dutifully took the usual route, involving a U turn to remain on the correct side of the road (though it meant half a mile extra drive).

He saw another car approaching from the wrong side. He signaled the other car to slow down (after all he wasn’t at fault, why should he bother to stop).

When the other person didn’t stop, he accelerated slightly and applied the brakes only when the two cars were almost about to bump.

That was the moment when his daughter shouted, “Papa, two silly goats!” The father, who was so furious with the other driver’s stubborn behavior, froze for next few moments; then pulled back his car calmly – to let the other car go first…


Writing and not writing

When do I write?
I write with every passing moment.
I’m a part of the grand script basis which I act, and while I improvise, I do some amendment in the role play without even my knowledge.

I live a basic human existence. I love, I hate; I laugh, I cry; I fear, I dare; I’m furious, I’m compassionate. In a nutshell, I feel and then I write.

I don’t aspire to be a great writer. I just want people like me to know that majority of us may not be perfect; still there shall be some or the other virtue that’ll make someone to love our company. That each one of us is a masterpiece created by the God.

A coffee break

If we were having coffee right now…
…we would be refreshed by the aroma of nicely brewed coffee. I would offer you some tasty homemade snacks as is customary in India. You would savor the combo and would be lost in the treat for next few moments. I wouldn’t want to be a spoilsport by disturbing you.

If we were having coffee right now, we would discuss the recent events in our lives. As I love to laugh at myself, I would tell you about the humorous but embarrassing situations I get into often. Please don’t roll on the floor laughing at my stupidity. Hence, I wouldn’t tell you how I failed at an attempt to overtake & pulled my car in between a car that’d suffered a breakdown and a tow truck. (Don’t laugh, it was a rainy day with less visibility 🙂 )

If we were having coffee right now, I would congratulate you for being able to listen to your inner calling. Honestly, it’s not easy. You can always blame responsibilities, circumstances, age, background, and the best of all – scarcity of time. With all the possible excuses, you decided to take out time for your self. That’s commendable…

If we were having coffee right now, we would chat about the ups and downs in our lives. Some achievements, some tougher times. We would remind each other that there is always a silver lining, though. Time would just fly by…