Been there, seen that…

We often tend to preach what’s right and condemn what’s wrong, as per our thinking and get upset if the other person doesn’t get convinced. Sounds familiar? If we try a new way to do so and still find it ineffective, that’s only because our underlying beliefs (or prejudices!) remain firm.

Take an example of a get together with friends & family. We all may have affinity for different ideologies. We discuss (sometimes even debate) upon various social and political issues; not because we want to prove our point of view as correct. Rather we argue to achieve a consensus while valuing each other’s opinions. Doesn’t really matter who wins.

We must talk to each other – a caveat – intention should be to express, not to impress!

Let’s try to develop our small world the way we like, within a vast world around, while we allow to exist rest of the world as others choose it to be. That saves us a lot of time & energy. Also it’s easier to change ourselves; we know very well how much control do we have on others, don’t we?

Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.



Early this week, I met with a lovely couple in the flight to my home city.

I guess, they were traveling to meet their son. Uncle sat in the middle seat and aunty by the window. While plane was moving towards runway, Uncle offered me some sweet. I was a little hesitant initially; but he insisted. I thanked him for the gesture. So sweet of him!

As the flight took off, I prayed for our safe journey. I was amused at the thought that it had started with a sweet note. Entire day had passed in a hustle, and I wasn’t prepared for any more stressful situations. So, I closed my eyes and got lost in a slumber in a short while.

When I woke up, I saw uncle-aunty struggling to take selfies with their smartphone (of course, it was in flight mode). They could manage to click a few but they didn’t seem to be happy with the photos. I was observing their enthusiasm with amazement; both of them were at least 60+. I offered to help them by taking few snaps. They were happily excited about the idea, like children getting chocolates are.

Aunty brought out a comb from her purse in a flash and brushed her hair. Uncle wore the most friendly smile I’ve ever seen. They posed for at least 4-5 snaps. They requested me to try clicking with and without flash. I wanted to tell them that they were a wonderful couple either way. Made for each other sorts…

What else do we want from life? A company that stays with us forever. A company that makes us feel happy, feel that we are worthy, and beautiful, no matter what age, color, complexion, …so on and so forth.
I wish for everyone of us that we stay together with friends and family always. In peaks and valleys that life offers to us!

Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.

Can I inspire?

Just when you need an inspiration, do you get it? Can I help? Of course, with your prior permission…

Real question is, am I leading my life in a way that’s exciting enough. I guess, I am. Because life keeps me always on a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. In the hindsight, it’s been a fun whether I’ve enjoyed or suffered in the past. Honestly!

Each time the water rises to the level that I am almost at my last gasp, It’s really amazing how circumstances change drastically, and I am able to swim out of the difficulty, as though it never existed.

I came across many wonderful people in life including those in the blogging world. Many of you have displayed tremendous optimism towards life. You rekindle hope in it’s essence. I look up to you and wish if I can inspire ever, as you do. To live and to live before I leave!

Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.

Creator of simple things

The world is full of geniuses. The way they exhibit their talents may be very different though. We must value individual interests and encourage them to come out and express the artists within them.

Creativity is a bliss. We tend to lose our inhibitions while we spend our energies working on an artefact. Tools may be carving knives & glue, colors & brushes, pen & paper, hammers & cutters, gardening implements, or even the heavy dies & welding equipment.

As they say, love what you do and do what you love. It’s of an immense importance that, when we do it, we’re happy. So, go grab the opportunity to put things in some shape. It can be as simple as just stacking the books in your shelf so that all the titles are visible easily.

Wish you happy Sunday!

Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.

Shade in October

These are the days when there is scorching heat during the daytime. The weather is almost like summer. In addition, if it’s going to rain, the humidity levels are very high.

In such conditions, imagine that you have some work in the afternoon. You are halfway through. You can’t stand the heat any more. Your mouth is parched like it’s been years that you haven’t drunk water.

Suppose at that very instance, you find a shade that is unoccupied. You also find there is provision of cold drinking water to satiate your thirst. You silently thank the unknown entity, who made those arrangements even without  a slightest desire to get credit for same.

You wonder, can I be of such service to people unknown to me? Will it give me satisfaction? I guess, the answer is yes. We may do anything to earn a living; but we all are capable to build a shade for at least few persons. Let’s be an Oasis in someone’s desert!

I intended to convey a direct and simple message here; at the same time I leave it to the reader if he or she chooses to consider the text as a metaphor. Entirely depends on how you like it. Thanks!


Let’s do it together
~ Yogesh D. D.