The first impression we get of above picture is of an advertisement by one of the sportswear manufacturer. Also to the optimists among us, this exemplifies an adventurous spirit. There is a person enjoying a leap with a solid resolve.

The background may depict itself as a Sunrise against the canvas of a water body and a calm countryside probably about to wake up anytime now. One can also feel the crisp refreshing air in the mountains that the person inhaled before deciding to jump. (At the same time one is free to also interpret a gloomy Sunset with an impending storm and the dampness that suffocates the person who is about to take extreme step as a solution for the challenges ahead.) Now this is just a metaphor, thankfully.

The ever changing scenario in the careers of professionals across the globe today makes it even more important to consider how an individual perceives a situation. Does it only require positive imagery to deal with the unexpected? Of course, not. A professional also needs to keep finding out what his or her real passion is and nurture same. The identity no more has to be limited to a job profile in a given company. This is the time for most of us to define who we are as individuals minus the company names and the designations.

We know our strengths and weaknesses on general terms. But desperate times expose us to the inherent fears as well as the powers that we are not aware of as such. Why wait till then? I guess, it is safe practicing while all gears are available and depths are not so scary. Let’s start searching right now and take that leap!