A Glimpse!


As part of 101 assignment, I was asked to distill thoughts shared so far to arrive at a holistic About me page. When I initiated the process, my heart kept on pouring… Hence this is kind of a Glimpse into my heart!

My Philosophy of life: A quitter never wins and a winner never quits. – Napoleon Hill.
Learning: Can be sought from all beings. It doesn’t matter how old or young someone is, he or she can remind you of the biggest secrets of life.
Greatest virtues of human life: Love, compassion and forgiveness, I feel.
Destination: hardly matters if we are willing to enjoy the path – people won’t know that a beautifully blooming plant today was a tiny struggling sapling once. It’s we who know about the joy and pains our hearts experienced, while observing this change in small increments.
Family & friends: are the Oxygen for my sustenance; words can hardly express what their presence means to me.
Avatars (reincarnation of God): a faith that there are people playing brief but important roles in our moments of deep despair. Sometimes they may directly help us; at other instances, they shall guide, support & encourage us to come out of the problems.
Art: is the vitamin that a person needs not just to be alive but also to thrive in life with vigor. May it be any form, but we must possess liking for Art.
We: are our best friends till we choose to strengthen positive qualities; if we choose otherwise, there is no need of any enemy.
Love: we must love ourselves first before expecting others to love us. We should be happy and grateful about the way God has customized our Persona.
Friendship: Learn to laugh at ourselves with open heart and forget about egos. In this way, we can make room for more friends whose life might be waiting for our Avatar to make an entry, as God is in our hearts, too!
Reading: sure, is a precious source of knowledge & motivation… Hence I’m determined to share my favorites in this space on regular basis!
Rejuvenation: happens in proximity with nature, why not to share a few accounts of my trysts here?
Purpose: I want to strive hard to always be, a caring son, loving husband, proud father, understanding friend, and an inspiration!
At the end: it will be victory of Heart over Mind! Trust me, life can unfold into wonderful events, Miracles, if we follow the inner calling!
I invite you to join & enjoy the path along!
Let’s do it together…



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